Happy Presidents' Day from Ludlum Measurements!

Happy Presidents' Day from Ludlum Measurements!
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Newsletter  17 February 2020

It's Our Anniversary!

February 14th marked 58 years of radiation detection from Ludlum Measurements! We thank you for your continuous business and trust over these years. We look forward to continuing the legacy Don Ludlum created for us in 1962.

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From The Trenches

Occasionally, you may encounter problems with your LMI instrument or detector that may be repaired or resolved in the field, saving turnaround time and expense in returning the instrument to us for repair. LMI electronics technicians offer the following tips for troubleshooting the most common problems.

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Launch of the New Protean Instrument Website!

On February 3rd Protean Instrument, a division of Ludlum Measurements, recently released their new and improved website! To see their easy-to-navigate design and to learn more about Protean click below!

Protean Website

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                                     What's New

Model 3277HFM

The Model 3277HF Hand & Foot Monitor is intended for checking low-level alpha and beta contamination on personnel. Two detectors are mounted to allow detection on the hand and foot. An optional third detector is available for frisking.

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Model 3277/1

The Model 3277/1 is a wall-mount or desktop instrument that can be used for frisking personnel or objects for alpha and beta contamination. Dual tone click-audio enables the user to easily distinguish between alpha and beta contamination.

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