Happy New Year from Ludlum Measurements!

Happy New Year from Ludlum Measurements!

‍July 2023 | https://ludlums.com

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Future Webinars, and their information, will be posted and updated here!

From The Trenches

At some point you may wish to use a different detector with your survey meter than the detector the instrument was originally calibrated with. Unfortunately, this can cause issues because not all detectors operate at the same high voltage or use equivalent meter scales. Using a survey meter and a detector that have not been configured to be used together can lead to inaccurate radiation measurements.


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Repair and Calibration

Our intensive two day training course that involves calibration, repair, and maintenance on Ludlum manufactured instruments is starting back up! Click here for more information and see below for our upcoming training date.


February 9th-10th


*We are monitoring our current situation with COVID-19 closely. If our ability to offer this course changes, more information will be available on our website*

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