GM - Contamination Survey Meters

Model 3 Ratemeter with Model 44-9 Pancake Detector CE_Label

Ludlum’s best-selling Model 3 analog ratemeter, in combination with the industry-standard Model 44-9 GM pancake detector, delivers a universal and very robust radiation counting system.  The meter and probe body are constructed from cast and formed metal that withstand rugged daily use.   A separate, front accessible compartment facilitates changing batteries after 2000 hours of operation.  

The GM pancake is halogen quenched with a 15 cm2 active window and protective screen.  Typical efficiencies are: 5% - 14C; 22% - 90Sr/90Y; 19% - 99Tc; < 1% - 99mTc, 32% - 32P; and 15% - 239Pu.

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Model 2401-P Pocket-Size Pancake Meter

 The Model 2401-P instrument is a general purpose, pocket-size radiation detection
meter designed around the venerable  5.1 cm (2.0 in.) diameter GM pancake detector.  The
detector is conveniently packaged inside the instrument with a protective screen window.  The meter presents two readout scales; cpm for contamination measurements 0-50 kcpm (full range), and your choice of exposure scales for either 0-150 uSv/hr or 0-15 mR/hr (full range).  

The instrument is equipped with two multi-positioned switches; one for activating the instrument with or without audible clicking; and a second for selecting the appropriate detector range.

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Benchtop Frisker
Model 177 with Model 44-9 Pancake Detector

The Model 177 is a rugged benchtop ratemeter with alarming capability. These units are very popular for frisking operations at stations where line power is available but can also be used in portable applications for up to 50 hours using the internal rechargeable battery. The Model 177 supports the Model 44-9 GM pancake detector and displays the results on a linear readout analog meter. The audio alarm is adjustable from 0 through 150% of full scale and is factory set to latching. Re-configuration to non-latching can be accommodated via a minor internal change. Front panel controls include a four-position rotary switch for selecting each detector decade, alarm set control, audio volume adjust, fast/slow response switch, power on/off switch, and push-buttons for count reset, battery test, high voltage test and alarm test.

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