GM - Exposure Survey Meters

Survey Meter
  Model 14C Ratemeter with Model 44-38 GM Detector CE_Label

This “Geiger Counter” instrument offers a wide dynamic range, 0–20 mSv/hr (0–2000 mR/hr), by employing two energy compensated GM tubes. The external Model 44-38 detector, connected via a 99 cm (39 in.) cable, accommodates the first four selection ranges (x0.1, x1, x10, x100). The top most range (x1000) is read from the detector located inside the instrument enclosure.

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Telescoping Pole
  Model 78 Stretch Scope

The Model 78 Stretch Scope telescoping gamma survey meter keeps the user at a safe distance from high rad areas, and reaches areas otherwise difficult to normally access. The wide 0.1 mR/hr to 1000 R/hr detection range is accomplished using dual energy-compensated GM detectors.

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Personal Radiation Monitor
  Model 25  CE_Label

The Model 25 is a conveniently small-sized device designed to warn users any time they are in a potentially harmful radiation environment. The unit will automatically alarm with a loud audible signal and blinking display when either the dose rate (0.01 mR/hr-1,000 R/hr) or accumulated dose (0-1999 R) setpoints are exceeded. The dose is recorded until manually reset and is for use as reference only; it is not intended for legal dose recording.

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