Personnel Contamination Systems

Hand & Foot - Gas Proportional
 Model 4906 Series  

The Model 4906-Series are low-cost, industrial duty, alpha and alpha/beta contamination monitoring systems for checking personnel hands and feet. A large color, touch-screen LCD presents users with the system status and points out any potential contamination. The system employs six proportional detectors with counting activated by optical switches.

Alarms are annunciated locally and can be augmented with optional relays and/or a light stack. The built-in Ethernet interface supports connection to a network for gathering all count cycles and remote monitoring of the status. All maintenance can be performed from the front of the instrument. Detector access for quick replacement or repair is facilitated by hinged top covers.

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Hand & Foot - GM
 Model 4901P  

This unit is intended for use as a medium-level beta and gamma contamination monitor. Four count channels are in the standard configuration for monitoring the palm of each hand and the sole of each shoe. The Model 490lP employs a total of twenty-two pancake Geiger-Mueller (GM) type detectors, five in each hand detector (palm side only) and six in each foot detector. LED indicators show status and alarm location.

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Personnel Portal
 Model 53  

This highly sensitive system detects gamma radiation in or on personnel passing through the portal from either direction.  It utilizes eight large plastic scintillation detectors, and is shielded with either the standard 2.5 cm (1 in.) or optional 5 cm (2 in.) of lead.  A user-friendly interface guides personnel through the portal monitor via automated voice prompts (customized to any language), and is accompanied with color LCD articulating screens presenting the instrument readiness and status at the ingress and egress.

The system also includes an Ethernet link.  Ludlum’s optional Universal network software can be used to log instrument status, user activity, and other information from one or more portals.

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Emergency Portal, 32 Inch
 Model 52-1-1 CE_Label

• Portable, sets up in minutes
• Four 1683 plastic scintillator detectors
• Easy to operate
• 85-250 VAC & battery operation

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