Emergency Response

These ready-to-go kits enable rapid deployment with a variety of probes to handle most emergency situations.

Analog Meter
 Model 2241-3RK2 CE_Label

This Emergency Kit packages all the basic radiation measurement tools you’re likely to need for a radiological emergency into a convenient carrying case to facilitate a quick response when required. The kit includes Ludlum’s digital, auto-ranging and versatile Model 2241-3 Ratemeter/Scaler with a built-in energy compensated GM tube to perform exposure rate measurements up to 100 mSv/h (10 R/hr). Responders can either plug in the external alpha beta gamma GM pancake probe (Model 44-9) for contamination measurements or the highly sensitive gamma scintillator (Model 44-2) for locating sources. Gamma survey is enhanced with the included Model 133-6 detector.

A convenient rotary switch located on the front panel permits the responder to select the appropriate detector in use. The carrying case supplied with the kit is air and water tight with cutouts for each item and includes a 137Cs check source to verify proper operation of the equipment.

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Gross Gamma & 131I Measurement
 Model 18 Ratemeter with Model 44-10 Detector  CE_Label

The Model 18 analog ratemeter/analyzer supports selecting between either gross gamma  or 131I measurements.  The front panel controls include a rotary switch for selecting the four-decade range, instrument shut-off, and battery test, another for selecting between three detector setups, two-position switches for audio on/off, fast/slow response and counting window in/out, plus  buttons for displaying the high voltage and resetting the counts.

The Model 44-10 detector is a 5.1 x 5.1 cm (2 x 2 in.) NaI scintillator with a sensitivity typically measuring 9 cpm/µSv/hr (900 cpm/µR/hr) (137Cs) and covering an energy range of 50 KeV-3 MeV.

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Quick Setup Portal
 Model 52-1-1 CE_Label
 M52-1-1 copy  

This Portal Monitor is used for beta/gamma personnel contamination monitoring and meets the FEMA standard for Emergency Response Portal Monitoring (FEMA-REP-21). It is designed to be disassembled for ease of transportation and storage, and can be set up in under five minutes or less without any tools. The non-volatile parameters are preset at the factory to detect a 1.0 µCi 137Cs source in a 100 nSv/hr (10 µR/hr) background field.

The electronics are microprocessor-based for ease of setup and reliability. Status LEDs indicate count cycle status. Audible signals accompany the LEDs for additional indication. Detector counts, background, and all parameters may be viewed on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). All setup is accomplished by way of push-buttons located below the LCD. These portal monitors can be operated in a walk-through basis with a quick scan occurring while a person is positioned within the portal.

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